Being an Entrepreneur can be tough.

  • Have you ever felt frustrated about where you are in life?
  • Have you ever been mad that you weren't making more money?
  • How about worried about your future?
  • How about that gross feeling as you watch your credit card bills get higher and you don't know where you'll find the money to pay for them.

Have you ever felt like throwing in the towel and getting a real job?

I know I sure did. I had big dreams but I didn't know how to achieve them.

I started with free books at the library...

...until I found something even more powerful

I interviewed Motivation and Success Masters about how they stay motivated and what I needed to do to create the life I knew I deserved.

This information I collected was soooo inspirational and soooo good I thought “I have to get this out to hundreds of thousands of other small business owners too”!

So, what I did was compile all these 52 interviews into one gigantic inspirational and motivational product that you could easily download and listen to. (one a week if you wanted to keep motivated all year long!)

Learn Success habits from these Motivators:

Alex Mandossian
Cheryl Richardson
Jack Canfield
Stedman Graham

Meet all 52 Speakers - click here

Sandra Yancey
Bob Proctor  
John Childers  
Robert G Allen  
T. Harv Eker
Stephen Pierce
Wayne Dyer
Mark Victor Hansen  
David Allen
David Bach
Alicia Huck
Tremendous Jones

Who are the 52 Speakers - Click Here

Tom Antion
Alexandria Brown
Brian Klemmer
Andy Wibbels

What you will learn:

  • What each speaker does to grow personally and professionally

  • What turned their life around

  • What secret business tip they know now that they wish they knew 5 or 10 years ago

  • How they keep Motivated Week after Week

  • and so much more

Wendy Kurtz
Harald Anderson
Stan Harris
Deb & JP Micek


I'm Wayne Kelly, Radio Host, Media Coach and creator of the 52 Motivational Interviews.

Matt Bacak
Michael Port
Scott Hallman
Libby Gill

Meet all 52 Speakers click here

Jan King
Joe Polish
John Assaraf
Krishna De


Nido Qubein
Lady Samm
Richard Carlson
Mitch Meyerson

These Interviews Will Change Your Life...

Every time I interviewed someone,

  • I learned how they thought.

  • I learned what they did to stay on the top of their game.

  • I began putting those same practices into my life.

These 52 interviews are in downloadable MP3 format with each one lasting 6 to 12 minutes.

Sherman Hu
Patrick Mathieu
Linda Hollander
Julie Hunt

Who are these 52 Speakers - Find out now - CLICK HERE

Stefan Doering
Michelle Anton
Simon Bailey
Loral Langemeier

Stop trying to do it all on your own!

This is not about "get rich quick" or making a million dollars in 2 months.

This is about taking the time to learn how to do things differently. It's about changing your thinking and programming so you can achieve whatever goal you set for yourself over the next 12 months.

Vicki Sullivan
Ken Shelton
Mark Sanborn
Robin Sharma
Tim Sanders
Joe Vitale
Robin Crow

How The 52 Motivational Interviews Work

After you pay the $20 you will land on a page where you fill in your name and email.

After you click the "Start My Interviews" button, you will receive a page having all 52 interviews (so you can listen to your favorites immediately).- Plus you will receive the first of the 52 motivational interviews).

Then once a week you will receive an email with a link to your interview of the week. You can click the link to listen to each interview or you can save it to your computer and burn it onto a CD or MP3 player.

3 days later you will receive a follow up email having the key points of the last interview.

Get all 52 Interviews

for only...$20.00



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